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There are many ways to solve engineering problems. At SJE Consulting we aim to develop innovative, cost-effective design solutions that are simple and sophisticated. It’s how we deliver great value to our clients. We have a proven track record of providing quality engineering, design and management services and technical advice to public and private sector developers and authorities.

Established in 1987, our fields of expertise include civil and structural engineering, environmental management and planning, and project management.


Civil and structural engineering

We live in a world where standardisation is very common. This has an impact on structural engineering design where we have to comply with standard codes and regulations. We produce many standard type design projects, however, we also foster a culture of undertaking challenging and unusual design jobs.



Land development involves the disciplines of planning, civil engineering and surveying.

SJE Consulting has environmental planning and civil engineering expertise in-house, and we also work closely with consultant surveyors to successfully deliver projects. As project managers we are experienced at managing allied professionals in associated disciplines to provide seamless outcomes.

SJE Consulting has worked on smaller-scale land development projects for large private companies, as well as large-scale subdivisions of 1000+ lots for large corporate companies such as the Devine Group and Abacus Property.
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At SJE Consulting, we pride ourselves on establishing strong and ongoing working relationships with our clients and providing outstanding customer service. We have worked with a broad range of clients including government authorities, councils, institutions, and public and private companies, to deliver innovative, cost effective and practical engineering solutions.

Our experience in civil and structural engineering design has enabled us to carry out numerous infrastructure designs in areas such as water and sewerage projects, storm water drainage projects, major road and bridge projects and marine type projects.




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